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Access Control System

Door Entry Systems, Video Intercom and Video Door Entry , Audio Intercom, IP Intercom, Card and Fob Access Systems


Surveillance Solutions

HD CCTV systems, IP CCTV systems, Remote CCTV monitoring systems, Wi-Fi Camera, 4G and 5G Camera, USB Camera, Spy Camera.


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Optimize business with Server Management, handling NAS, local and hybrid cloud, web server, database, and high-availability clusters.


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Upgrade connectivity with Networking Services, reliable Internet, and Leased Line solutions for seamless operations.


Wifi Zone Service

Door Entry Systems, Video Intercom and Video Door Entry , Audio Intercom, IP Intercom, Card and Fob Access Systems


Wireless Communication

Efficiently install Access Control, CCTV, Networking, Server, UPS, and more for a comprehensive security solution.


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“Absolutely impressed with Divyata, deserving of a 5-star rating! Their expertise shines in IP cameras, networking solutions, time attendance systems, internet leased line provision, and intercom solutions. The seamless integration of advanced technology and their commitment to reliability make them a standout choice. Highly recommend for anyone seeking top-notch services and innovative solutions in the realm of surveillance, connectivity, attendance management, and communication. Divyata truly delivers excellence!”.

Deep Detroja
Kian Cotspin LLP

“Divyata deserves a resounding 5-star rating! Their expertise spans IP cameras, networking, wireless internet leased line, and wireless intercom solutions for both our office and factory. The seamless integration of advanced technology, coupled with their commitment to reliability, makes Divyata a standout choice. Whether it's ensuring crystal-clear communication or providing robust internet connectivity, they deliver excellence. Divyata is our go-to partner for cutting-edge solutions in both office and factory environments. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch services in surveillance, networking, and wireless solutions!”.

Himanshu Raiyani
VIBGYOR Agro Commodities Pvt. Ltd

“As the owner, I'm thrilled to give Divyata a well-deserved 5-star rating! Their comprehensive expertise in IP cameras, networking, wireless internet leased line, and wireless intercom solutions has significantly elevated our office and factory operations. The seamless integration of advanced technology and their unwavering commitment to reliability make Divyata a trusted partner. Whether ensuring secure surveillance or optimizing our communication networks, Divyata consistently delivers excellence. I confidently recommend Divyata to fellow business owners seeking top-tier solutions for both office and factory environments”.

Ravi Vaishnani

“Delighted to rate Divyata with 5 stars! Their CCTV camera and networking solutions have proven invaluable for our school. The enhanced security measures provide a safer environment for students and staff. Divyata's commitment to excellence and reliable technology make them our trusted partner. Their seamless integration of CCTV and advanced networking showcases their dedication to ensuring a secure and technologically advanced environment for our school. Highly recommend Divyata for their exceptional services and top-notch solutions tailored for educational institutions.”.

Nilesh Varshani
Saraswati Shishumandir School